Logo and Marks

A curated collection of Logos and marks that have been made over the years working. I have been employed by different clients in a lot of different fields to rebrand or help them start. I always strive to not stick to one/my own style, but to collaborate with the client to find what works best for their business and values.

At the beginning of the first year, I really had trouble transitioning. During the first half of the quarter, I made a set of school assignments. But after the evaluation, it became clear to me that I had to change the way I worked or else I wouldn’t survive school at Willem the Kooning.

logofolio protfolio_file-01
logofolio protfolio_file-02
logofolio protfolio_file-03
logofolio protfolio_file-05
logofolio protfolio_file-04
logofolio protfolio_file-06
logofolio protfolio_file-07
logofolio protfolio_file-08
logofolio protfolio_file-10
logofolio protfolio_file-12
logofolio protfolio_file-09
logofolio protfolio_file-13
logofolio protfolio_file-11
logofolio protfolio_file-14
logofolio protfolio_file-15
logofolio protfolio_file-16
logofolio protfolio_file-17